11 Tinder Tips to Help You Find True Love (or Something)

11 Tinder Tips to Help You Find True Love (or Something)
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Swipe right on these Tinder tips and tricks.

Love is the Tinder trap. When we’re used to seamlessly having our dinner delivered and are uber sure that a car will be waiting for us the second we step out of a bar, why can’t love also be so effortlessly delivered to our doorsteps?

That’s the premise of Tinder, which has been making location-based matches since 2012. It says it’s responsible for a billion swipes a day by its own count, but how well it works depends on how well you gamify the gamification of love (or, let’s get real, hooking up). Swiping left or right while you take the train to work, sit through movie previews, or wait for a friend could possibly lead to you getting lucky, but if you’re a little less lazy, you can increase the likelihood that you’ll match with someone.

Like love, Tinder’s algorithms are a mystery. But there are some known factors that you can use to your advantage and find your one true love…or something like that. We put them together with a few tricks and new features that the app offers to help you find a match.

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