Chastanet hates mediocrity St. Lucia Times News

Saint Lucia’s new Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, has told reporters that he got into politics because he hates mediocrity.

In addition to declaring that he hates mediocrity, Chastanet said he Breitling Replica Watchesfelt that things could have been done in a different way.


“I saw what we could do and I recognized that it really is by policy that we can make a most significant change, so that’s why I stayed in and I am very encouraged,” Chastanet said.

Reflecting on the criticism he has endured as a politician, he asserted that when one knows himself and what he is standing for it makes things easier.

He explained that his United Workers Party (UWP) started with a grassroots approach.

“ I am not  happy with the quality and standard of life in Saint Lucia and I think with the right policies we can be much more successful than we are,” the new Prime Minister said shortly after being sworn in yesterday at Government House.

He disclosed that he has always been a critic.

According to Chastanet, he could not stand on the sidelines and criticize when given an opportunity to do otherwise.

He recalled that when former Saint Lucia Prime Minister, Sir John Compton, asked him in 2006 to get involved in active politics, he enjoyed his stint as Minister of Tourism.

Chastanet stated:

He expressed the opinion that Saint Lucia can do better.

However the UWP leader said that the country needs major structural change, overhaul and modernization similar to what was undertaken in the party that he currently leads.

“The first mission was to restructure the UWP with a new vision, mission and values. We had some core elements and when you look at our campaign today that is what makes up our campaign, so we want to see change.”



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