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I shared some of the DAY collection for the home recently, but had to show more since I’m definitely spotting a slight nod to all things nautical lately, have you noticed? I believe that the trick to bringing coastal decor into the home and making it work (key!) is to keep the theme a bit understated and be careful not to overdo things. Pick an accent piece – your main character – then layer in a few supporting actors that do not compete with your star and see how things look.

DAY Home

It’s a good idea to vary the size of your patterns, make sure patterns are not all of the same scale… And also vary the tones of your colors — some should take the lead (coral and violet in this case below) and others should be a bit understated (beige and white for instance) and less punchy. One thing I love about this look from DAY is the smart combination of violet and coral with beige and crisp white — it’s a great look. I don’t think it’s common to see these two colors living together which is why I like it.

DAY Home

An alternate color palette that you could try if you want to bring a smart coastal palette to a room in your home is to work with coral (red-orange) and navy with crisp white and add some blue and white stripes. You can also mix in some Indian patterns — that way your room doesn’t scream, “Seafood Restaurant” if you know what I mean because match-y match-y nautical rooms rarely work unless you are in a seafood restaurant and well, even then… Who would have thought to combine Indian paisley prints with coral patterns? Not even me, and I can be pretty out there and quite quirky sometimes!

Do you like the nautical look? Would you try any of these colors and patterns at home? If not as a room scheme, have you considered throwing a lunch party incorporating these colors and patterns in your table linens and flower arrangements?

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