Exclusive – Mycom OSI lands O2 Germany E

Network assurance vendor is set to announce it has won the business to make sure the integration of the O2 Germany and E-Plus goes according to plan.

The O2 Germany E-plus merger has not been a rapid affair. KPN of €5 billion from for E-Plus back in the summer of 2013, which the European Commission then – pretty quick by its standards. Even then it took another year-and-a-half before Deutschland on the network integration.

The win would seem to indicate this process is coming to a conclusion. All the operations tech – network, security and – needs to be consolidated and brought up to date. This is obviously very complicated, which is why a dedicated performance management solution was taken on.

“Both O2 and E-Plus independently used PrOptima performance management systems successfully for many years prior to the network merger, and although we comprehensively evaluated other solutions in the market, was re-confirmed as the leading solution,” said Marcus Thurand, VP Network Operations, Germany, “But in addition, differentiated with their integrated ProInsight network analytics product and Guided Diagnostics solutions which we plan to roll out soon to help with our planning and operational processes.”

“ Germany is renowned for its technical leadership but even with Germany’s immense technical skill and experience the merger of these two and their operational processes is a complex challenge in the industry,” said President and CTO, Mounir Ladki.

This is a nice win for , not just for the business itself but as a high-profile network assurance project at a time when telecoms around the world are preparing for the fundamental changes that will come with the 5G/IoT/cloud era. Operators aren’t exactly rolling in cash these days so competition will be fierce for any network upgrade/integration business.

How have open source groups influenced the development of virtualization in telecoms?

They have been essential to the process and it would have failed without them
They have been positive and helped move things along
They are just one part of the mix – neither positive nor negative
It’s not always clear what value they add and should be less involved
They are a drain on resources and actively hinder the process

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