Experience the White House in AR Using a Dollar Bill

White House 1600 App

Have a smartphone and a dollar bill? Clear your schedule, because you have everything you need to visit the White House.

No, Expedia isn’t running a massive sale on flights to Washington, D.C. In fact, you won’t even need to pack your bags for this trip.

The White House on Thursday announced a new app that lets you experience 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in augmented reality, and all you need is a smartphone and a buck. Dubbed 1600, the app aims to “educate and inspire the youngest Americans to learn more about the White House’s role in our democracy.”

Just download the app on your smartphone or tablet, tap “Start,” and point your camera at George Washington on the $1 bill. Then, right on the bill, you’ll see a mini White House start to take form, from the ground up. You can even move your phone around to explore the White House from different angles, and touch the Oval Office “to reveal a surprise,” the app’s description teases.

“As you experience a year at the White House — from the Easter Egg Roll to a State Arrival Ceremony — you’ll see that even as seasons and people change, the White House endures as an institution of American democracy,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, who narrates the new AR experience, wrote in a blog post. “That’s why we teamed up with the White House Historical Association and Nexus Studios to create this augmented reality experience — to educate and inspire Americans to learn all about what the People’s House stands for.”

1600 is available for iOS and Android. For more on the app, check out the video below.


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