How to Watch This Week’s Republican Convention Online

How to Watch the GOP Debates Online


Regardless of what you think about the Republican party or the orange attention Jedi at the top of its ticket, you know that this week’s GOP convention in Cleveland will be an unprecedented spectacle that will reverberate through the chattering twittering classes and be studied in political science classes for decades to come!

And the best part—at least for the growing number of cord cutters in this country—is that there are a plethora of options for streaming all the hot politics sans cable company interference.

According to a Pew Internet report, one-in-seven Americans now consider themselves to be a “cord cutter.” That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re turning away from their TVs—they’re just finding more contemporary ways to bring content to their sets aside from some technically antiquated network filter (e.g. Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, etc.). At least, that’s supposed to be the paradigm in which we’re currently living.

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There are a lot of options out there. The RNC, for example, has an official convention app for Android and iOS. While the app offers a lot of helpful getting-around info for those in Cleveland, it will also provide live videos of all the proceedings for those at home. But in addition to the standard video streams, it will have 360-degree streams. It’ll be just like you’re at the convention—which means, I guess, you can look back at the audience to spot the hecklers who snuck in (because you know they’re gonna be there).

But before you download that app, know that those same standard and 360 live streams will be available on the RNC’s official YouTube page. And since it’s on YouTube, that means you’ll be able to send the stream to your TV via any number of set-top devices.

Twitter recently announced that it will stream live coverage from CBSN (CBS News’s free 24-hour digital streaming network) throughout the convention. This agreement builds on a partnership in which Twitter will simulcast CBS’s Thursday Night NFL coverage this coming season. Twitter might be a convenient way to watch CBSN’s coverage from your mobile device, but for those near a TV or computer, it would be just as easy to watch via one of CBSN’s various OTP apps or even directly on its website.

Meanwhile, Facebook will offer a “lounge” in the convention hall and has invited various media orgs (CNN, Fox News, and the New York Times among them) to broadcast via Facebook’s Live video platform. Those streams will also be simulcast on C-SPAN (which is a cable company invention, so therefore is behind a paywall), BUT the audio streams from all C-SPAN broadcasts are available for gratis online or through the C-SPAN radio app (iOS, Android).

The whole world will literally be watching. Let’s just hope nobody says or does anything too embarrassing.



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