Microsoft Bulit The Cyber-Security Centre in Gurgaon

Microsoft Sets Up Cyber-Security Centre in Gurgaon

Showcasing its commitment to enhancing cyber-security, US-based technology company Microsoft on Tuesday said it has set up a Cyber Security Engagement Centre (CSEC) in Gurgaon.

The Gurgaon centre, one of the only seven such centres across the world, will serve as a dedicated hub for Microsoft in India and brings together Microsoft’s Digital Crime Unit experts comprising attorneys, investigators and security response experts.

“Our Cyber Security Engagement Centre in Gurgaon (in Haryana) underlines our relentless commitment to security and partnering India in its digital transformation,” Microsoft India Chairman Bhaskar Pramanik said in a statement in New Delhi.

As part of the Microsoft Consultancy Services (MCS), an India-based response team will offer cyber monitoring, use machine learning-based detection technology and ensure rapid response to cyber threats to customers in the country.

The CSEC aims to drive the public-private partnership to fight cybercrime, strengthen cooperation with Indian businesses, government and academic organisations on cyber-security.


Using a proprietary algorithm, Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics works round the clock, constantly learning from the behaviour of organisational entities (users, devices and resources) and helps customers adapt to the changing nature of cyber-security attacks.

Additionally, Microsoft’s Advanced Threat Protection in Exchange Online Protection helps prevent malware attacks in an email environment, strengthening security and protection against the growing threat of identity frauds and business email frauds.

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