Nintendo Switch Pre-Orders Start Friday in NYC

Nintendo Switch

Pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch gaming console begin Friday at 9 a.m. at Nintendo’s store in New York City, according to a Wednesday tweet from the company.

That’s incredibly short notice for a console that gamers have been drooling over since it was announced last fall. It’s also vague: the Tweet said that there would be a “limited quantity” of pre-orders “while supplies last,” but Nintendo offered no further details Wednesday afternoon about pricing or how to place an order.

Of course, even if you can’t make it to New York City to stand in line Friday morning, you won’t have long to wait for more details about Switch. The live-streamed launch event is scheduled for Thursday at 11 p.m. Eastern time. You’ll be able to watch it live on the Nintendo Switch site, Nintendo’s YouTube channel, or on Twitch.

Thanks to recent leaks, we already know quite a bit about the console, which features detachable controllers and is intended for use both on the go and connected to a TV at home. One leak, from Twitter user DroidXAce, appears to show an entire range of Switch add-ons from accessory maker Hori. Among them are screen protectors, a stand, a charger for two sets of Joy-Cons controllers, an arcade stick, a joypad, car charger, LAN adapter, case for the Switch handheld, and a case for the game cartridges.

The leak also shows a Zelda Breath of the Wild game kit with a March release date, suggesting that Zelda will be among the first Switch games offered.

We also learned from a December FCC filing that the console will come with a non-removable battery.


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