Vodafone targets quad

Vodafone has announced it will be merging with broadband provider Melita to offer a quad-play solution in the Maltese market.

As it currently stands, Malta focuses primarily on the mobile and market, though the new combination will add cable, broadband and pay TV capabilities to the armoury. The move itself has a challenge in mind to current market incumbent Go. currently holds the leads in the mobile market share, however Go already has an multi-play proposition, perhaps putting it in a stronger position in the long-term.

While converged services are becoming much more of a talking point in the UK, it would appear the Maltese are miles ahead of us. According to the Malta Communications Authority, in the fourth quarter of 2016, 78.7% of fixed broadband connections and 68.4% of postpaid fixed lines were sold in a bundle.

The transaction, which values Malta at €208 million, is still subject to approval from the competition authorities, but will see the current shareholders of Melita own 51% of the newly combined company and Europe taking the remaining 49%. The pair expect the deal to close in the second half of 2017.

Assuming the merger is approved, the current CEO of Melita, Harald Rösch, will take charge, with Malta CFO, Caroline Farrugia, taking care of the numbers. Amanda Nelson, who is currently the CEO of Malta, has been left in the cold to date. She is a lifer though, so you’d assume she’ll be found a new home before too long.

How have open source groups influenced the development of virtualization in telecoms?

They have been essential to the process and it would have failed without them
They have been positive and helped move things along
They are just one part of the mix – neither positive nor negative
It’s not always clear what value they add and should be less involved
They are a drain on resources and actively hinder the process

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